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Closing Down

Dear Friends,

After almost 27 years trading, today with sadness, we are announcing that we will be closing our Bournemouth shop by the beginning of September 2015.

After all these years we have gained many loyal and friendly customers, whom we shall miss very much.

We shall still be trading at selected dolls house/hobby/craft fairs, so please keep a look out on our website & Facebook page for details. Alternatively you can register your email address on our web site to subscribe to our newsletter.

From today, until the end of the month, we are launching our closing down sale, with 50% of everything online (except houses - these are 50% off in store). All items are subject to availability during this time.

We have hundreds of lights, dolls houses, both kit and built, accessories, paints, wallpapers and DIY all at half price.

Thank you for all your custom and support over the years, it has been much appreciated.

Kind regards Cindy, Nigel & Betty

One thought on “Closing Down”

  • Graham & Lynda Barlow

    We are so sorry that you are closing your shop. Two years ago we were faced with the same decision.
    We downsized, but even then the last 2 years have been dire, until the last three weeks when suddenly there appears to have been an upsurge in sales. The reason is at present unclear and yes it could be a "blip", but then again it could be the start of a revival in the hobby.
    Is there any way you can remain open as a shop?
    We have got a feeling that, at long last, things are about to improve.
    If this is the case, the few shops that remain will be the only tangible source of dolls house and miniatures for enthusiasts and hobbyists to gravitate to.
    We hope that you have time to reconsider.
    Best wishes
    Graham and Lynda Barlow (The Miniature Scene of York)

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